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  1. Jewelry stores can identify the authenticity of diamonds, but the results are only for reference
    The general jewelry stores will help identification, but some jewelry shops will not be identified because they are not their customers. Generally, people in jewelry stores are very enthusiastic, but generally do not give a clear response. After all, it is not an authoritative agency. The results given only for reference.
    Furthermore, jewelry shops can identify authenticity, but cannot issue certificates. Only professional appraisal agencies can issue certificates, and can explain some diamond information.
    Igly, it is recommended to go to the local jewelry appraisal center for identification.

    The expansion information:
    diamonds are also called diamonds, which are more expensive products in domestic and foreign markets. In addition to industrial value, it is also used as decorations such as chest flowers, rings, needles, earrings, etc. Moreover, because diamonds are natural treasures, it has high collection value.
    The high -quality diamonds have the following characteristics: white color, large granules, transparent crystals, high purity, car rules, etc.; diamonds have won the public with the natural beauty of white flawless and bright light since ancient times.
    Today, a beautiful diamond ring and a chic pendant have become a must -have token for everyone to give gifts and wedding. So how to distinguish the authenticity of diamonds and buy authentic diamonds. Today, I will teach you a few simple and practical tricks to allow you to recognize authentic diamonds at a glance.
    1. The gravity test method
    The proportion of the gemstones on the market. Citizens can place the diamond in the diamond's proper liquid. It must not be a diamond.

    2, the naked eye appraisal method
    The luster of the diamond is the secret of the true and false identity. The glory of the imitation products appears rigid.
    Ple the diamond in the white glass filled with water. If the light is weakened, it is a fake diamond. Secondly, it depends on whether the diamond corner is very sharp. Only the corners of the imitation product will wear out due to the insufficient hardness. The ridges and the top of the feet are mostly blunt.
    3, the parenting method
    dripping a small drop of water on the diamond countertop. If the dripping drums does not disperse for a long time, it is true, and it is fake quickly. Because diamonds have the characteristics of hydrophobic hydrophobic.
    or stained the diamond on the face with some small amounts of fat, rub the diamond with the thumb, the thumb will feel a kind of adhesive, not easy to slide, and imitation diamonds will make the thumb feel smooth R n
    4, qi test
    The diamond heat transfer ability is good, the heat is scattered fast. The diamonds that are about to be tested are close to the mouth, gently breathe, so that the tested diamonds are covered with a layer of light mist. At this time, the diamond fog volatilizes immediately. If it is a natural diamond, the fog will immediately dispersing. It will be dispersed for a while to imitate the diamond.
    If you buy diamond jewelry locally during travel, you may wish to bring a diamond imitation product as a comparison of the experiment.
    5, wiper test
    The diamonds wiped back and forth several times on the fine sandpaper. The marks on the surface are fake diamonds, and the real diamonds without rubbing marks are real diamonds.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer In a dark environment, a beam is launched to the diamond. Real diamonds will emit dazzling reflex light, while fake one will not. Many methods of testing diamonds on the market are not reliable. The most direct thing is to go to professional institutions. Test. Diamond is also called diamond. It is a mineral composed of carbon elements and is an alien -in shape of carbon. Vajrayana is the hardest material in nature. Vajrayana is very useful, such as: crafts and industry cutting tools.n1 The easiest way to identify the true and false diamonds of our ordinary people is the naked eye observation method. The naked eye observation is the main observation of the "fire color" of the diamond, that is, the diamond can reflect the colorful light of the color, and the basic blue light is the main. The more cutting the perfect diamond, the more dazzling the "fire color". The glory of high refractive indexes will appear rigid. When you touch the bare diamonds in your hand, you can touch the surface of the diamond with your hands to see if it is sticky. This is mainly because the real drill will have a kind of affinity for greasy, and touching with your hands will touch a sticky feeling. 3 Sensing temperature diamonds have the characteristics of "high thermal", so we can check whether the diamond is temperature. Whether diamonds close to your arms or face, can you feel a little warm. If it is a fake imitation product, it will not have the heat transfer effect of real diamonds, but it will be cool. "Blue Flame" diamond 4 exhales authenticity. When buying diamonds, you can also breathe on the surface of the diamond and imitation diamonds at the same time. Essence Of course, this method of distinguishing needs to bring a diamond imitation product in advance as a comparison of experiments. 5 Inspection Mosaic Workers should not only distinguish the authenticity of diamonds when purchasing diamond jewelry, to largely affect the price of diamond jewelry to a large extent, and at the same time, it is related to the daily wear in the future. If you want to test the inlaid of diamond jewelry, you need the same secret weapon, that is, "beautiful women wearing stockings". Because the superb inlaid should be strictly seams, when buying a diamond ring or other diamond jewelry, it is best to use the claw inlaid diamond surface to pass through the stockings. Sophisticated inlaid craftsmanship, you can buy it with confidence. Instead, it means that the inlay is not close enough, and it is better to choose another.n6 Drop identification Wipe the diamond cleaning to ensure that there is no oil on the surface. Then, the small water droplets are on the diamond. If the droplets can be kept on the diamond for a long time, then this is the real diamond. If the water droplets are dispersed immediately, it may be a diamond imitation product. 7 Line identification standard Diamond refractive index is very high. There is almost no light that can pass through the diamond pavilion to the table, so the bottom of the diamond is placed vertically on a piece of white paper, and the black lines are painted on the white paper. If you look vertically, you can't see the black line. Diamond imitation products with lower refractive indexes, such as vermiculite and cubic oxidation, you can see the curved black line. 8 Observe the reflected light with a magnifying glass (all stores). You can observe a very thin matte and glitter reflex light at the waistline of the diamond. The characteristics of diamonds are unique.n1 morenBleak

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