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  1. If it is not a diamond ring expert, it is recommended to choose a 30 -point diamond ring for priority, and the quality and after -sales are more guaranteed.
    30 Diamond ring selection suggestion:
    1, first understand the selection of suitable styles, look at a few more stores, and ask more popular styles.
    2, pay attention to the color of the diamond ring, see the purity of the diamond ring, and observe whether there are impurities.
    3, select the appropriate ring support, try to wear, and also consider economic strength.
    The diamond ring purchase "4C" standard supplement:
    For a finished diamond, the international 4C standard is used to classify. These 4C include: cactage, clarity color (color), and cut (cat). The 4C standard has a direct impact on the quality of the finished diamond.
    1. Diamond weight
    is calculated in carat (also known as card). 1 carat = 200 mg = 0.2 grams. One carat is divided into one hundred copies, each called one point. 0.75 carats are also called 75 points, and 0.02 carats are 2 points.
    2, diamond clarity
    , also known as cleanliness is based on the result of diamond observation under 10 times the large mirror. It includes two aspects, that is, the original defects inside the gemstone and the damage caused by the diamond surface during processing. There is a unified symbol of diamond cleanliness internationally, which is generally marked in the corresponding position of the diamond morphology of the appraisal certificate.
    3, the color of the diamond
    is mainly colorless, white, pale yellow. Yellow is a taboo of diamonds, and the depth of its withering directly affects the quality and value of diamonds. Therefore, the color of diamonds is the primary factor in its economic evaluation. The international jewelry industry has a strict grading of diamond colors, and countries also have corresponding evaluation standards.
    4, the cutting of diamonds
    The cutting of the diamond refers to the accuracy of its cutting ratio and the perfection after the completion. Good cuts should be as good as possible to reflect the brightness and fire of diamonds as possible, and try to maintain the weight of the rough. GIA's cutting level from high to low is divided into ID (standard), EX (excellent), VG (good) G (good) G (good), Chinese national inspection is divided into: EX (excellent), VG (very good), G (g (very good), g it is good).
    30 Diamond ring as the advantages and disadvantages of wedding rings

    1, advantages
    30 points diamond ring, the biggest advantage is that the volume is small, not too dazzling and not too mediocre, very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre, very very mediocre. Suitable for daily work and life. No matter what clothes you usually wear and what occasion to attend, you will reveal a trace of luxury with 30 -point diamond ring as a decoration, so that the wearer will not feel embarrassed by too dazzling.
    2, disadvantages
    30 Diamond rings are the disadvantages of the diamond ring is that because of its small size, there is no large value -preserving appreciation function. Then buy a diamond ring of 50 points is the best choice. If the new people just choose a diamond ring to symbolize the love between each other, no matter how big the diamond ring is, the important thing is always the heart.

  2. Choosing diamonds first is diamond knowledge
    The price and value of diamonds are mainly determined by the 4C level of diamonds, that is, weight, color, clarity and cutting.
    1, weight. 1 carat = 100 points, less than one carat, usually divided into units. (See Figure)

    2, color. In the colorless diamond, the more transparent colorless, the higher the price and value. The highest is D color, and the level is from high to low in order, as shown in the figure below

    3, clarity. The appraiser evaluates the defects and impurities of diamonds in a ten -fold amplification. The highest FL .. as shown below.

    4, cut. The cutting of the diamond directly affects the beauty and flicker of a diamond. Cut the level as shown below.
    In addition, the price and value factors that determine the price and value of diamonds, as well as the symmetry of diamonds, the symmetry of diamonds, polishing, proportional size, whether it has fluorescence, etc.
    30 points are almost selected by the clarity. The color is not good or bad. According to the degree of budget and the degree of sensitivity to the color, select the cut of the EX (3EX)

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  4. First of all, we know that whether it is 30 points, 50 points, or other scores of diamonds, the price is determined by the diamond 4C, that is, weight, clarity, color and cutting. In the case of determining the weight of the diamond 30 points, there is a different level of color clarity, which will affect the price of diamonds. The price range of 30 points of diamonds is between 7000-17000.
    knows the price range of 30 points of diamonds, you can choose the level of color cutting that is suitable for your budget. Choose a diamond 4C, you can start to choose the style of the diamond ring and the material of the rings. Generally, the material of the precepts is more in K gold and PT.
    The diamond ring style has classic claws, luxurious surrounds ... You can go to the jewelry shop to try it, not only the staff will give you more appropriate suggestions, but also you can use it directly to choose to choose to choose your skin tone and hand shape. of. Here it also involves the choice of a jewelry brand. There are many jewelry brands, and each brand has its own product characteristics. Dmallovo diamond rings, after the fourth -generation jewelry inherited jewelry brand. Always adhere to the original design, and now 14 products have obtained appearance patent certification. Promote the romance of "a lifetime only for true love", so since its establishment, romantic regulations have stipulated that each proposal diamond ring "Men is based on ID cards, and it is only for one person for one person." High -quality diamonds, beautiful prices, sincere service, look forward to everyone who believes in true love.

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