5 thoughts on “They are all gold jewelry. Why are there so much difference in the brand?”

  1. According to Marxist economics theory, value determines the price, and the value of goods is determined by the necessary labor time of the commodity to produce the commodity. Simply put, the more time it takes for the production of goods, the greater the value of the product, the higher the price. Of course, gold jewelry also follows this value law, and its price fluctuates around the value. The reasons for the difference in gold jewelry are the following
    . Different golden purity
    The fundamental factors that determine the gold price are the purity of gold, and the goldenness has a very strict classification standard. The purity of the gold jewelry with different brands is often different, and the gold refining difficulty of different purity must be different. For example, the refinement of 999 thousand gold is difficult and the energy is more and more energy -effective, so the price is higher than those low purity gold.
    . Different production processes
    The gold jewelry manufacturing process of different brands is different. The handicrafts or the production tools used are different. The difference in this production process also affects the price of jewelry.
    3. Brand investment is different
    The well -known brands such as Lao Fengxiang, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Tai Sheng and other well -known brands are well known to people. There are much more investment than those unknown brands, which also causes their jewelry prices to be higher than other brands.
    . Different service quality
    . Although the price is higher than those unknown brands in terms of price, the so -called "one -point price, one point", these high prices often bring high quality Consumption experience and trusted after -sales service, this has improved consumer consumption quality and allows consumers to enjoy a more pleasant consumption process.
    5. Different market configurations
    Different consumer areas, the configuration of different brands is very different. If a certain brand is distributed too much, it will lead to fierce competition in the brand store. Under fierce competition, some businesses will also adopt a "price war", which also affects price changes to a certain extent.
    The price differences between different brands of gold jewelry are the result of multiple factors. These factors interweave each other to finalize the price.

  2. Simply put, the price of gold jewelry will include at least two parts: part is the value of gold itself. The other part is the cutting processing process and added value.
    (1) The value of gold itself. Gold is precious metal, which is valuable and is hard currency. So gold itself is worth it. But this price is relatively stable. For gold jewelry (foot gold) with higher purity, many major jewelery prices are calculated at the "gold price" "manual fee". Of course, there are also some "one -price" gold jewelry. For example, Zhou Dafu's blessing baby, some pendant pendants, etc. The pricing of these smaller gold jewelry is often higher than the price of gold, which can be understood that the more sophisticated things, the higher the processing difficulty.
    (2) Cutting processing process and added value. The price differences of gold jewelry are mainly due to added value. These added values ​​include style design, processing process, brand value, and so on. And the less gold, the higher the price, the higher the price. Consumers are paying for design and brand.
    In Bulgari as an example, an ordinary 18K rose gold ring, the official website is priced at 15,000 . If you use the recent gold price of 358, you can already buy 43G pure gold. For example, the Cartier's classic small vegetarian circle is only 18K or PT950. In fact, the purity is really not high, but it will be sold for seven or eight thousand.
    In this time, it is not selling quality, but selling design, selling brands, selling culture, and selling vanity. When the added value occupies the product of the product, where can I still need the authentic enough gold material? It is enough to have stories and concepts, as well as the public.
    of course, there is another reason that the gold is very soft and easy to bump. 18K gold or 24K gold can meet more diversified design needs and wearing needs. No reason ha!
    The last picture is my confrontation, more niche German brand, but the craftsmanship is really exquisite! I like it for the first time. I am afraid it is really difficult to pricing. Fortunately, in similar brands, the pricing is quite fair.
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