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  1. GIC is the English abbreviation of the Jewelry College of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). It is a jewelry education brand of the Jewelry Academy Jewelry Vocational Training School.
    Jewelry college is the earliest jewelry education institution in China. In the 1980s, the college and the world's first gem appraiser training institution in the United Kingdom signed a joint school agreement to carry out China's jewelry vocational education. For more than 20 years, tens of thousands of jewelry professionals have been trained, 7,988 GIC jewelry appraisers have been obtained, 612 FGA gem appraisers, 164 DGA diamond appraisers, 404 GIC jewelry design and producers, students are spread all over the country provinces across the country , Municipal Jewelry Quality Inspection Station and major jewelry companies.
    SEM Jewelery School is a jewelry vocational education institution registered in Jewelry of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Jewelry College in May 2007. With jewelry and related discipline education as the core, there are a number of development platforms such as short -term training systems, vocational education systems, and education and research and development systems. Integrated jewelry comprehensive education institution.
    The cooperation with many schools, quality inspection stations and educational institutions in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, to promote and popularize international jewelery and jade standards, and undertake the qualifications of the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Finance's nationwide registered jewelry, jade, Training, as well as the training of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security's medium and senior diamond inspectors, treasure jade inspectors, jewelry appraisers, jewelry jewelry salespersons, jewelry designers, jewelry producers and jewelry processing personnel and other training work. Gem-A's earliest Chinese training and examination center in the Far East.
    Sessor Jewelry School adheres to the combination of college education education with vocational education, with "creating world -class jewelry education brands" as the goal of running the school, adhere to the school concept of "student -oriented, quality first", as the jewelry industry In -service personnel, jewelry students, amateur enthusiasts and consumer services. Xueyuan Jewelry School adopts unified brands, unified teachers, unified basic textbooks, unified teaching quality, and unified teaching management systems to ensure that training institutions in various places provide the highest level of teaching and services for all students.
    SEMedes Jewelry has been committed to cultivating and transporting excellent professional talents for the Chinese jewelry industry. From excellent to excellent, Xueyuan Jewelry will prove the power of professional education. In continuous pioneering, school garden jewelry will make greater contributions to the development of China's jewelry industry.

  2. The jewelry professional examination, the school compiled and performed, explained some nouns, and used the basic instruments. Some secondary vocational students with only junior high school culture have been passed during school.
    The certificate of GIC, FGA only has some effects on students with political and economic backgrounds. If the economy is not thick, you can only be a salesperson.

  3. Jewelry, for ordinary civilians, is best to engage in specific work such as jewelry design jade jade sculptures, otherwise, even if you have studied graduate students, have passed some certificates such as GIC and FGA, they are just sales.

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