1 thought on “What are the special effects of Fantasy Westward Journey?”

  1. Hello, the new and open special effects are:
    In anger: When the anger is increased due to qi and blood loss, it will get an additional 20%anger (not at the same time as the anger);
    exquisite: equipment with this special effect Gem inlaid levels are added to the upper limit of the level;
    Regeneration: The wearer can restore the qi and blood of the equipment level/3 every round;
    Then: there is a 15%chance of using a spell in the battle (not with Shennong (not with Shennong, not to Shennong At the same time);
    camouflage: When others use fire eyes to you, a 50%chance will fail;
    The repair: increase the success rate and the upper limit of the success rate of 10%during the repair of the equipment;
    Strong: The durability consumption of equipment is halved (not at the same time as never wear at the same time);
    hunting: the success rate of the summoning beast baby is increased by 20%(only effective when capturing the baby);
    is absolutely absolutely Kill: There is a 20%chance of the normal physical attack to hit the current qi and blood less than the attacker level × 20 ordinary monsters directly fly, which is only effective for the NPC. If it is a ghost creature, it will directly knock down.
    The special effects is that players have a chance to add when identifying equipment.

    I wish you a happy game ~~

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