4 thoughts on “What are the special effects of the equipment in Fantasy Westward Journey? What role does it play?”

  1. Special effects:
    Is when God blessing -when the HP is 0 when the battle is 0, the chance of the 20%chance has the resurrection effect; R n must be 100%physical attack rate;
    r -fascinated successful power increase;
    The effect of using drugs to restore HP and MP in the battle increases by 10%;
    It simplicity -the level of character levels of wearing equipment is reduced by 5 levels;
    has no level of character levels when we wear;
    forever Do not wear -the durability of equipment does not consume equipment.
    N name consumption of anger value
    qi therapy 30 recovery (upper limit of 3% 200) qi and blood, use single person
    heart therapy 60 recovery ( Qi and blood with an upper limit of 6% 400), the qi and blood of the
    of the single person's use of
    mate 90 (upper limit 9% 600), use the single person
    MP, the effect is affected by the upper limit of your own magic
    Net condensing 90 to return to its own large amount of MP. Level × 12)
    A lively return 130 Restore 1/2 of its qi and blood (up to the character level × 20)
    Restore the level × 12), the summoning beast of the low -level ghost soul technique
    The return of the soul mantra 100 and recovering HP150 points, only the characters who fall to the ground
    /2 qi and blood (maximum does not exceed the character level × 20), and can only use the character who falls to the ground
    The water clearance 50 to relieve various abnormal states, such as being blocked in physics, magic, poisoning, chaos, etc. , etc. R N Bingqing Jue 100 relieves various abnormal states and restores 1/4 of Qi and blood (up to the level of the character level × 12)
    Yu Qingjue 125 to relieve the various abnormal states of all teammates
    Jing Qingjue 150 relieves the various abnormalities of all teammates, and restores 15%per person qi and blood
    Curse injuries 40 to reduce the current 20%HP
    cursing death 40 reduces the enemy The current 20%MP
    方 方 方 方 40 reduces the enemy's single -player 70 -point anger value
    This 60 to a certain chance to increase the opponent's use of spells and stunts in 5 rounds.
    The power of beasts 40 increases the damage of teammates, the effect continues until the end of the battle
    Themay of Warcraft 70 all teammates increased the damage, the effect continues until the end of the battle
    glorious A 40 enhances teammates' defense of teammates Force, the effect continues until the end of the battle
    The physical defense of all teammates of the Holy Spirit 80, the effect continues until the end of the battle
    The speed of the teammates 40 The speed of all teammates of Fengjue 80 rose, and the effect continued until the end of the battle
    The spell damage of Taiji Law 90 was halved, the effect was 3 rounds
    Plog Han Golden Bell 150 all teammates to receive the spell damage by half, the effect was the effect of the effect, and the effect was the effect. 3 rounds
    Suro mantra 120 When injured, half of the damage to each other (except for spells that acts on multiple people), the effect is 5 rounds
    It seamlessly 80 5 rounds of the enemy in the spells used by themselves. There is a certain chance of failure
    Net down the butcher knife 30 to reduce the physical damage of the enemy. 35 Reduce the physical defense of the enemy. At the end of the battle
    This surgery 80 reduces the speed of the enemy, the effect continues until the end of the battle
    The bloody attack 80 crazy hair, you can attack twice in a row Improve damage to attack opponents, suitable for those who have high defense
    The sucking 70 HPs of the opponent's current 20%, cannot use the monster BOSS
    The remnant Month 100 absorbs the current 30%MP of the other party, and cannot use the monster BOSS to use
    In Dingbuya 60 reduces the opponent's HP, the minimum damage is 50
    Qiankun Chop 110 can attack the opponent multiple people, the minimum damage is 50
    The same MP
    The Di Shiwolu Wushuang 70 reduces a certain amount of HP and MP of the other party.
    The blade of the void 90 reduces the other party's certain amount of HP and MP. N Voice of Death 90 Makes the enemy's players a certain chance in some abnormal state
    For some special circumstances), the effect continues two rounds
    The heart mirror 100 to resist all abnormal categories and auxiliary additional effects, the effect continues four rounds
    Ti Hang PuDu 150 resurrected all teammates and restored all gas Blood, the upper limit of qi and blood and qi and blood after use will become 10%of the maximum qi and blood, magic becomes 0, and the summoned beast of the ghosts cannot be resurrected
    MP, abnormal state, auxiliary status, etc. can only be used for players. After use

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