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  1. What does CT on the diamond ring mean? What are the marks on the diamond ring?

    diamond ring is a token that symbolizes love. Many boys use a diamond ring to express their love and determination Essence When buying a diamond ring, some careful people will find that there are some numbers and letters on the inner wall of the diamond ring, such as common ct marks. So what do these characters represent? What do you mean? Let's take a look at it.

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    what does CT on the diamond ring mean

    to buy diamond rings, many people have the carats of diamond rings, all of them I care about it, and CT is the symbol of the weight unit of the diamond. Clar's English is cact, which is usually abbreviated as CT, so the CT on the diamond ring actually introduces the weight of the diamond. Generally, there will be numbers in front of CT, and there will be letters d or d in front of the number, such as D1.31ct, D0.075CT. The D here is actually the first letter of Diamond in English. D represents the main stone. D of the lowercase represents the auxiliary stone, and the number is the weight of the diamond. Therefore, the main stone of the diamond ring is 1.31 carats, and the auxiliary stone is 7.5. If the diamond ring is inlaid with only one diamond, the weight of the diamond will be expressed in capital D, such as D0.5ct.

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    The meaning of other tags on the diamond ring

    except CT, the more common marks on the inner wall of the diamond ring on the diamond ring There are also G18K, AU750, G750, PT950, etc. These marks usually represent the differences in pretty tray materials. G18K, AU750, G750, the three tags, actually refer to the same type of trash material, which contains 75%gold and 25%of other metals alloys. The PT950 represents 95%of the jewelry containing platinum. In addition, sometimes there are some information about brand information on some diamond ring, such as brand logo patterns or English abbreviations, and so on.

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    The above is a general introduction about various marks on the diamond ring. In simple terms, the various marks on the diamond ring are right The introduction of some basic information in the diamond ring. Through these marks, you can understand some information about diamond ring. However, it should be noted that if you customize the diamond ring, in addition to these marks introduced above, the customizer can add some special symbols to the diamond ring. The meaning of these symbols depends on everyone itself. It may also be English words with special significance. However, although customization is good, don't forget to choose some reliable brands when customizing, such as men can customize only one DR diamond ring in their lives.

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