Which well -known trademarks in Shantou have obtained the "well -known trademark in China" or "provincial famous trademark

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  1. Famous trademark Shantou is expected to break through a hundred items

    The reporter Su Shuoyuan and correspondent Zheng Nan reported: The implementation of the city's implementation of the strategy of trademarks is very significant. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce the day before. 3144, newly recognized 3 "China Well -known Trademarks", and have been publicized that 30 "Famous Trademarks in Guangdong Province" have been announced. At present, the city has 5 "well -known trademarks in China". Trademark ownership accounts for 10 % of the province, and Chenghai Toys are also identified as one of the three pilots of the province's establishment of regional international brands.

    In addition to making breakthroughs in the number of trademark ownership, various types of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households registered in the city have risen steadily, especially the private economy has continued to maintain rapid development. As of the end of last year, the city's private enterprises 14288 Households, 8,1335 households, increased by 11 % and 6 % over the previous year, respectively. In addition, consumer rights protection work is also actively promoted. Last year, the Municipal Consumer Council and the 12315 Complaint Report Center accepted 738 complaints and complaints, and recovered 2.2549 million yuan in economic losses for consumers. At the same time, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce also rely on the (village) committee to set up 60 red shield service rights stations, and it was listed at the end of last year. The red shield service defending the rights to enter the community was fully launched and achieved good social effects.

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