Can a wig be curled How can a wig be curled

Can the wig be curled?​
It depends on how well your wig can withstand the heat. If the wig is heat-resistant, use a curling iron or go to a hairdresser and curl it like your hair. Pay attention to adjusting the temperature of the curling iron, elevated temperature wire can withstand the temperature of 180 ~ 200. If the material is not resistant to heat, then you will not be able to get curly hair.

How do you curl a wig?​
Wigs can be curled, just like real hair. The first step sprays wet hair, the second step with a curling cylinder section curls, the third step styling, the fourth step removes the curling cylinder, the fifth step loose curls with your fingers, then you're done. ​Broadly speaking, the High end Woman Wigs is not someone to give or have a permanent wave, because the wig hair is really bad, if you go to a perm, wig will be damaged extremely quick extremely bad for your hair style, if you truly want to give or have a permanent wave, suggest or use their own to go to or actually want to curl hair, can go to buy a fake curls. If you are going to curl and iron your wig, first make sure you have the curl for the perm and make sure it has a low heat set.

52cce2240857f9c5e43a449a0948294dThere is another way to minimize the damage to your wig. If you are curling a synthetic wig, then spray some water spray on the wig before the ironing. This is because synthetic wigs are nylon fibers, extremely easy to melt in elevated temperature, wig spray can block the extreme temperature. If you have a real hair wig, you can skip this step. Next, you need a thin cloth or tissue to place between the wig and the curl. These materials disperse heat, lower temperature and protect the wig.

Finally, when you take the curl off, remember to do it gently and don't pull the curl from the wig. When you have FINISHED irONING the WIG, remove the heat immediately, otherwise it will damage the hairstyle and even the wig. If you plan to iron your wig regularly, you will need to buy a special protective case to protect your wig.



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