4 thoughts on “How difficult is it to build an electromagnetic ejaculation aircraft carrier in the “Fujian Ship”? Why can China do it?”

  1. From the first aircraft carrier to the current aircraft carrier, after many years, we look at the carrier that can have electromagnetic ejection worldwide. In addition to the United States, China is actually built by China, and more than Russia. The reason why China can do is to continue to work hard and get up to solve this problem. Of course, it can be solved by all people.

  2. The electromagnetic ejection system can only build an aircraft carrier in many countries in the world, but in fact, many countries in the world can build an aircraft carrier, but the supporting military facilities and maintenance costs of the aircraft carrier leads to the aircraft carrier. The ejection system is the most advanced technology. Nowadays, only my country and the United States can develop in the world. It can be seen that the electromagnetic ejection system is difficult. The ejection system is like the rubber band when the soxy cannon can give the carrier -based aircraft a very huge energy to lift the carrier -based aircraft. This will greatly increase the take -off and landing speed of the carrier -based aircraft. The number of ammunition and fuel also greatly enhances the combat capability of carrier -based aircraft. Because the electromagnetic ejection system needs to consume a lot of capabilities, it is difficult to solve energy problems, so it is difficult to develop successfully.
    The electromagnetic ejection system is very important.
    Min country also had two aircraft carriers before, Liaoning and Shandong, but they were all sliding decks and did not install projectiles. The frequency reduction is not high; and although the previous steam ejection can also achieve this effect, it will consume a lot of energy and take a long time to use it for a long time, and the electromagnetic ejection does not have these problems. The Fujian battle road of the ejection system is powerful.
    The success of Chinese scientific researchers
    The naval development in my country has always been relatively backward. When the New China was just established, our navy was almost zero. It was used as a warship with the tank as a warship. It can be seen how difficult the navy of our navy at that time; when facing the ships with thousands of tons of displacement of the enemy, our navy drove hundreds of tons of boat confrontation, etc. ; But my country’s scientific researchers have a spirit of dissatisfaction. After decades of unremitting efforts, we finally have our own electromagnetic ejection aircraft carriers, which is a milestone.

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