5 thoughts on “How to sell second -hand diamond rings?

  1. If your diamond has a certificate, it is better to sell it. The most convenient thing is to sell it online and talk to customers for the price.
    If your diamonds are bought in regular stores, more than 90%will have this identification code in its waist. Because 90%of diamonds in the world are DIBEERS, they will play laser codes on diamonds. You can check whether it is true to go to their official website. The premise is: 1. Your diamond laser code is not blocked by the paw. 2. You have 10 times the big mirror or your eyes are good enough, and you can see it clear (serious, the number is really small, I haven't seen a person who can see the number clearly without a magnifying glass).

  2. Take the pawn bank, they will recover the
    general consignment store, they receive the fee, and the price will not be very affordable, let alone when it can be sold

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the unwanted diamond ring can be sold through these three ways: 1. First, it is sold to friends; 2. The second is sold on the second -hand trading platform; 3. Third, it is sold to luxury goods recycling shops and maintenance recycling stores. In contrast, selling to friends is a matter of two of the beauty. One to solve personal problems, and the other is to buy personal feelings; while selling to luxury goods recycling shops, repair and recycling stores, the bid is the most pitted.

  4. The high price can only be sold to the right buyer, you can find one online. The identification code must not be the same. This is like an ID card. If it is the same, what else do it.

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