4 thoughts on “I bought a K gold ring at Chahongji, and I was excited about Ing ~~> W u003C~~ How can K gold tell the authenticity?

  1. I think her design is quite good. K gold is still their main product
    The high -purity 18K gold jewelry is not easy to deform and oxidize, inlaid firmly, fine craftsmanship, shiny shiny identification method:
    1. Fake 18K gold proportion is far lower than real gold, and it is obviously lacking a sense of weight;
    2. Looking at the fake 18K gold process with the naked eye, the structure is slightly rough, the luster is not bright, and the connection is large. It seems that the golden skin to fall off, the old goods can be seen with traces of refund, the really 18K gold craftsmanship is delicate and shiny;
    3. Look at the product label steel print. 18K gold or 18K platinum; fake 18K gold steel printing is 18kgp or 18kgf, etc., the label is called alloy or 18K casting, etc.;

  2. See the lettering in the inner circle to know if it is 18K gold. The marks are mainly G750, G18K, AU750, and AU18K.
    As long as it is purchased by regular and legal merchants, it is credible. Chahongji is a listed company, and the product quality is still good ~

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