What should you think about oral sex?

As sexual attitudes have opened up, oral sex and sec doll have become couples' favorite ways to have sex. However, numerous people question this form of sexual intercourse and consider it unhealthy. So, is oral sex harmful?

Oral sex is a variant of the way the mouth comes into contact with the penis. In ancient China, it was called Yin or blowing xiao (Yin J was vividly compared to cave xiao, and Yin licking was called blowing sheng, that is, it was compared to Lusheng). The term guardian following, commonly used in sexual descriptions in ancient literary books, really refers to oral contact with genitals between a man and a woman because the two are facing in opposite directions, and Westerners vividly refer to it as Type 69.

For a long time, there was prejudice against oral sex and the 100 cm sex doll, even believing it to be an illegal and abnormal sexual activity. ‚ÄčVarious states in the United States make oral sex illegal. It wasn't until 1977 that a couple accidentally exposed a photo of oral sex to another person, which was circulated by the courts and eventually sentenced to five years in prison. In recent years, however, more and more Americans have become tolerant of oral sex, especially among young people. Oral sex is common and seldom seen as abnormal. Another clear trend is the elevated incidence of mouth trade among people with higher education levels.

Semen is a highly vital substance for the human body and should be protected with minimal loss. Therefore, there is a saying called closed but not released, lean brain, hope to get this precious substance, think it can prolong life, youth forever. ‚ÄčThen the ancients put X on their bodies and it was called picking. It is not uncommon for semen to be swallowed in an oral cross. In fact, in addition to sperm being made up mostly of protein, semen contains only tiny amounts of fructose and water. It should be mentioned that it has no nutritional effect. Of course, it is not harmful to the body. Oral intersections have never been listed as sexual deviants in China's psychiatric diagnostic criteria and are never prohibited by law.

Now, what should we think about oral sex?

The authors of the American textbook on integrative psychiatry make it clear that sex acceptable to both partners is normal sex as long as it takes place between couples. In terms of physical structure, oral sex is the closest or in some ways even more than sexual intercourse. Oral mucosa is soft and smooth, because it contains a large number of tactile nerve cells, abundant feeling, soft and flexible tongue, strong taste, strong oral muscle movement, not only can cause a strong pleasant stimulation of the penis, but also can produce obvious excitement and happiness for women. Because of the flexible changes in the neck, oral sex can be performed in different positions.

As foreplay, oral sex without ejaculation is a great way to get excited. Some women have a strong sex drive, and some women want to have sex during menstruation. Oral sex is the best alternative. Oral sex is also a excellent option during periods of vaginal inflammation or insecurity when there is no birth control available. A lot of people simply treat oral sex as a competition, and it's more acceptable to end the intercourse session with vaginal intercourse, or to try the fresh pleasures of oral ejaculation once in a while.

Whether oral sex is normal or not is a concern for many people. From a medical point of view, as long as both spouses do not have genital diseases and wipe before sex, naturally there is no unhealthy problem, simply because of the penile urination organ, naturally it is easy to associate with health problems. Therefore, oral sex must be voluntary for the principle of husband and wife. As the saying goes, the twisted melon is not sweet and cannot be forced by either partner to accept oral sex, which can be self-defeating and even interfere with the ordinary act of intercourse.

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