Tractor should buy what insurance semi tractor insurance for a year how much money

Car insurance is a prerequisite for vehicle operation, no purchase of car insurance tractor is not on the road, so what are the tractor insurance types? What insurance should I buy for a tractor? The driver that drives a tractor must want to buy traffic STRONG insurance, ALSO CAN buy partial commercial insurance selectively according to specific circumstances. How often is a semi tractor insured for a year? Let's check with Custom semi trailer manufacturers.

First, the tractor should buy what insurance.‚Äč

The tractor is relatively heavy, and usually carries a large number of goods. Its flexibility is much inferior than the car. The tractor response in an emergency is not as sensitive as the car, therefore many drivers of the tractor want to buy car insurance, so as to avoid an accident they can not afford a huge amount of compensation. ‚ÄčTherefore, what insurance should the tractor buy? So let's look at that in detail.

Tractor drivers must buy traffic insurance! In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens, the country's traffic law obviously stipulates that any driver who needs to drive a minor car or a large tractor on the country's roads must buy insurance. This rule is to drive the tractor owner and other people in the traffic accident victims to think, if the accident happened a serious traffic accident, the insurance company will assume part of the compensation for tractor driver, reduce the family economic burden of the owner, the victim will also be able to get part in the compensation from the insurance company, so that their legitimate rights and interests get the most basic protection.

Besides BUY ACCORDING TO NATIONAL REGULATION BESIDES DELIVER STRONG INSURANCE, TRACTOR SHOULD BUY WHAT INSURANCE, STILL CAN BUY PARTIAL COMMERCIAL INSURANCE ACCORDING TO SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCE SELECTIVITY. Vehicle commercial insurance does not have any mandatory, whether to buy depends on the individual will of the owner to decide, but for the sake of the interests of the driver himself, little make-up think that the tractor owner or driver to buy the traffic insurance should still be selected to buy some vehicle commercial insurance.

The KIND OF VEHICLE BUSINESS INSURANCE IS EXTREMELY SUBSTANTIAL, INCLUDE ON THE CAR PERSONNEL LOSS INSURANCE, VEHICLE THEFT AND RESCUE insurance, VEHICLE scratch insurance, third party liability insurance and so on. Vehicle COMMERCIAL INSURANCE CAN BE SAID TO BE A KIND OF SUPPLEMENT OF VEHICLE HAND IN STRONG INSURANCE. ALTHOUGH ITS PRICE IS DEFINITELY HIGHER THAN HAND IN STRONG INSURANCE, but its compensation scope is wider than hand IN strong insurance, and the car gave fault or accident after the traffic accident. The driver also CAN get a lot of compensation from it.

Tractor owners or drivers do not want when BUYING commercial insurance which kind of commercial insurance TO buy, they WANT to see SPECIFIC circumstances AND decide. For example, tractor is normally used to carry heavy objects, appearance is not as critical as the car, tractor body has a lot of damage is extremely normal, the owner does not need to buy vehicle damage insurance for the tractor.

In addition, the tractor is usually only one driver, so the owner can consider not buying the car personnel liability insurance. If the driver drives the tractor time is relatively short, the technology is not particularly skilled, prone to accidents, it is recommended that the driver buy third party liability insurance and vehicle damage insurance. If the owner is driving an antique tractor, the internal parts have obvious wear and aging, the natural possibility is relatively large. In this case, it is recommended that the owner buy spontaneous combustion insurance.

What insurance should be purchased for the tractor? There is no precise answer to this question. Traffic insurance is a must for car owners. In addition, the owner or driver of the tractor should choose to buy some vehicle commercial insurance according to the quality of the tractor, the degree of completeness and their driving skills, etc.

Two, half tractor insurance for a year how much money

As for the insurance cost of a semi-trailer for a year, it needs to be analyzed in detail. It is typically about 6000-9000 yuan, which depends on the tonnage of the vehicle, transportation route, transportation road conditions, etc. It is normally calculated according to the tonnage, and most of them will also include the driving route.

Although the carrying capacity of the semi-trailer is stronger than other vehicles, the general working time is lengthy, the freight line is distant, and it frequently has to run on some muddy and rugged roads, its safety and security are extremely vital. In addition to buying insurance, the choice of using quality parts is also extremely critical.

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