5 thoughts on “What should I buy gifts for my wife?”

  1. 1. Chocolate, chocolate symbolly sweet, you can buy a box to give his wife at this time, which is strong and worthy of recommendation.
    2, underwear. Personally, I feel that I will improve the intimacy between you and make her feel that you are still very romantic.
    3, nursing card. When you go to the barber shop or beauty shop, apply for a membership card. The lady must be beautiful. Go to do the card by herself and reluctant. You go to do one for your wife and tell her that you are distressed to do housework at home every day and make her beautiful every day.
    4, clothes. Isn't there a saying that saying that, "A woman's cabinet will always lack a piece of clothes" to buy a generous and simple and stylish clothes for his wife, and surprise his wife.
    5, bag. Choose a fashionable bag to his wife. I personally think that my wife will feel warm, and no woman does not like the bag.
    6, flowers. Although the flowers are not practical, I occasionally buy a bunch of flowers to my wife and insert it into the vase at home to improve the family environment. Let my wife remember the romance when they were not married.

  2. 1. Bags
    Most women like a variety of bags. They are given a fashionable bag for their wives. They can be paired with different clothing to dress their wives beautifully and temperamental.
    2, necklace
    The necklace is also the beloved of ladies. The forms of various pendants are different. Memorial.
    3, fashion
    This to send his wife's fashion, which is a more affordable gift, human spiritual temperament, half of the clothing comes from the setting of clothing, buy a set of fashion suitable for his wife's temperament and skin tone, so that his wife carefully dress up carefully She will be more confident.
    4, cosmetics
    women care about their skin and image, buy a good set of cosmetics for their wives, and let my wife pay attention to maintaining the skin in my spare time, always youth and health, and I am happy to see it. Essence
    5, lipstick
    The past two years, many people have been brainwashed. Giving girls must send lipstick, but if the color number is not suitable for ... it is just a disaster, then transfer it to others, let's transfer it to others, let's transfer it to others. It's not good, the color number is not suitable, it is not good to use, but it is distressed. Therefore, if you want to send it, you must choose the right color number. If you ca n’t, ask other female friends.

  3. 1. Flowers: No matter how old the woman loves flowers, the popularity of flowers will not decrease. It is very romantic to send roses before marriage. After marriage, she can give her lilies, small daisies, etc. After marriage, it looks good and meaning.

    2, skin care products: Send a set of good skin care products to his wife and let her protect her skin. She will feel very happy in her heart.

    3, jewelry: The jewelery of glittering crystals cannot refuse any woman. Choose a beautiful jewelry as a commemorative day gift. My wife will definitely feel very sweet.

    4, clothes: As the other half of her, you can pay more attention to her shopping cart, and then buy her quietly, which is a surprise for her.

    5, bag: Select a big -name bag for his wife. My wife has a "weapon" when shopping. I believe your wife will definitely like it.

    6, shooting photo: While not getting old, take a beautiful wife to take a set of photos. When you are old, you can look at the photo memories together.

  4. Looking at your own economic strength, acting, and growing environmental factors, etc., the personality preferences cannot be the same. In general, there can be several categories that can be communicated. First, things related to all romantic, such as flowers, love letters, etc., second, are related to all glittering things, such as gems, valuable metals, etc. This is a bit like Western dragon creatures. Third, it is related to beauty, such as cosmetics, perfumes, etc. Fourth, it is related to the mood, such as cloth dolls, music boxes, etc., fifth, related to fashion, such as clothing, bags, etc. Sixth, this is the most important, related to everything, that is Money, money, a lot of money, a lot of money, endless money.

  5. In fact, the best gift is to vote for it. You can log in to her Taobao and see what she is putting in her shopping cart. Generally, girls' shopping carts and collection clips are placed on what they want.
    If you do n’t have her Taobao password, then I will list some gifts that girls like.
    Most girls like bags, various decorations and jewelry. If you think these are too ordinary, you can also make a unique ring or necklace for her.
    This is not important. The most important thing is the intention behind this gift.

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