1 thought on “Borui Culture of Borui Factory in Yiwu City”

  1. 1. Strict environmental protection factors of the raw materials of the jewelry, in 2007, major media published many accessories manufacturers to compress the cost, and the metal materials extracted from foreign electronic waste were used to produce jewelry reports. Under the leadership of the big brothers -level leading enterprises, all the jewelry manufacturers have been called on all accessories manufacturers with a strong sense of social responsibility, and they are the first to propose the concept of “green jewelry, environmentally friendly jewelry” in the Chinese jewelry industry. The unanimous praise of all sectors of society has pointed out a healthy and sustainable development path for the Chinese jewelry industry.
    2. Cooperation with raw materials suppliers, raw material suppliers are supplied by manufacturers directly, thereby reducing costs
    3, environmentally friendly zinc alloy jewelry, substrate zinc and aluminum alloy is based on the research results of Zhejiang science and technology plan, and the results of The main raw materials of Australia 0 special zinc and refined aluminum are used as the main raw materials. The refined low aluminum -zinc alloys have less than 200 ppm in lead, cadmium, nickel, etc. The surface treatment of the jewelry is used to replace nickel plating processes with tin and copper alloy, and nickel release meets the EU nickel instruction requirements. 1. Advanced jewelry production equipment
    2, top jewelry production process
    3, top jewelry plating process
    4, environmental protection production 1. strong professional jewelry quality management team
    2, rigorous Quality inspection process
    3, professional jewelry quality inspection equipment 1. There is no storefront, only physical factories and warehouses, processing production by yourself, controlling the cost to the minimum.
    2. Easy ordering, its Korean jewelry wholesale network, small jewelry wholesale network, online sales minus the middle traders
    3, the transaction is safe, all websites support Alipay and Tenpay guarantee transactions, buy and pay first!
    4, stable supply, a large amount of spot, wholesale and retail, support customization. The latest and most popular Korean jewelry styles

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