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  1. Tools/raw materials
    M various natural crystal jewelry
    sea blue treasures, green ghost
    white crystals, garnet
    yellow crystals, pink crystals
    n tiger stone, amethyst
    The malasite, protein
    olives, agate
    red hair crystals, Australian jade, etc.

    Aries (Aries) Aries (March 21 -April 19)
    In addition to the lucky color of the red hair crystal, red hair crystals can also improve internal organs.
    The yellow crystal is indispensable for the emotions of yellow crystals to be calm and irritable.
    The amethyst symbolizes intelligence and wealth. In other words, it has the dual effects of amethyst and yellow crystals; it can strengthen the sixth sense. It has the role of resolving villains. It has the function of adjusting two extreme energy, and is most suitable for communication gems between partnership, the elevation of the chief, couple, and husband and wife.
    It, in addition to soothing emotions in Turkish stone, it is also helpful for headache and eye diseases.
    Taurus (April 20th -May 20th)
    The diligent Taurus of Green Ghost needs the wealth that the green ghost brings the cows to the hard work.
    Huang Yu improves the ability of late Niuer.
    The sauce is often painful in the throat, and the sea blue treasure can be improved.
    The tiger -eyed stones can bring strong vitality due to the slight worry of golden cows.
    Gemini (May 21st -June 21st)
    Dinau obviously dual -character Gemini, which requires agate to relieve stress and tension and relax.
    The peacock is helpful for neurotic or central nervous nervous diseases.
    The blue treasure helps to improve the official disease of the respiratory device.
    The yellow crystal is rational and physical, enhance personal self -confidence, gather wealth, and the main wealth, often bringing unexpected wealth, which is the crystal of wealth. It helps the mood and mood to be gentle, and teach people to step by step. Strengthen the liver and gastrointestinal and digestive organs, and treat the stomach cold.
    Cancer CANCER (June 22 -July 22)
    The amethyst lacks a sense of security and emotional crab, which requires the power of the amethyst to stabilize the emotions.
    The disease of the gastrointestinal and liver of yellow crystals is a common problem with Cancer, while yellow crystals can effectively improve problems in this area.
    Cancer with weak social capabilities, pink crystals can effectively improve the popularity of crabs.
    The white crystal has the function of focusing, concentrated, and expanding memory. It is a complex of all energy, called Jing Wang. It is a town house, wicked evil, blocking the brakes, purifying the whole body, removing the sickness, and running a good luck.
    The red agate is one of the most effective gems (such as: digestive system, stomach pain), which can balance positive and negative energy and eliminate mental tension and pressure. Maintaining physical and mental harmony, enhancing love, loyalty, and courage can promote prosperity, happiness and longevity, and have the effects of protecting safety.
    Due to the rich imagination of Cancer, protein stones can make these imagination function, so that the crabs’ imagination is not only imagination.
    Leo LEO (July 23 -August 22)
    The protein stones can effectively play the talent of the lion and make the results constructive.
    Blackye lion is susceptible to hypertension, while obscetic rocks are used to reduce blood pressure.
    hair crystal has strong energy, can strengthen the momentum, bring people a positive attempt, energy, courage, strengthen a person’s confidence and decisive force, can bring courage, help people project authoritative energy. Helps the implementation and execution of leaders’ commands.
    Colin helps to soothe nervousness, which is refreshing and more harmonious with the outside world.
    Thisy, because the lion belongs to a blessing constitution, Huang Yu has a certain function of eliminating fat.
    Virgo Virgo (August 23 -September 22)
    The people in Australian Jade Virgo are more introverted and timid. Australian jade gives people courage, making people lively and generous.
    The white -haired crystals are prone to nervous nervousness, which can effectively help alleviate their minds.
    A blue agate can exert the power of the king, so that the incident is easy to reach an agreement.
    It green hair crystal master’s fortune, increasing career, and increasing fortune.
    The amethyst, because the Virgo people’s intuition is not strong, and the creativity is weak, the amethyst can improve people’s creativity and intuition.
    I. This is different from the protein stones. The protein stones can help people with imagination and creativity can effectively exert their effects, while themethyst is a person with weak creativity.
    Libra Libra (September 23 -October 22)
    The people in the protein stone Libra have excellent understanding ability and art monitoring ability. The protein stones can help Libra to maximize these advantages.
    This crystal has strengthened wealth, has the power to change, blocks evil, giving people a positive and vigorous attempt, vigor, and courage.
    Blackye Libra’s body is poorly resistant, and they can block their sickness for Libra.
    It the endurance and patience of the garnet Libra, and the garnet is a crystal that gives people more patience.
    The Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 -November 22)
    The sadness of yellow jade Scorpio requires yellow jade to make his mood improve.
    The red hair crystal is effective in the diseases related to reproductive organs, and dark red is also the lucky color of the scorpion.
    This crystal titanium crystal is also the most powerful in the hair crystal group, often symbolizing great auspiciousness, wealth, and blessing like gods and Buddhas. Generally, titanium crystals have six main energy, main wealth, partial wealth, popularity, avoiding evil, health, and preventing villains.
    The blue treasure can improve the official disease of the suction.
    Sagittarius (November 23 -December 22)
    olives can improve the liver disease that Sagittarius is susceptible.
    The blue treasure has a certain effect on the respiratory disease.
    The amethyst development intelligence, stable emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, concentrate, increase memory ability, enhance interpersonal relationships, and give people courage and strength.
    The Turkish stone Sagittarius usually has no patience, and a bit reckless. Turkish stone can calm people and make the shooter more patient.
    Capricorn Capricorn (December 23 -January 19)
    The slightly rigid Capricorn requires the vitality and taste of the garnet.
    The Australian jade Capricorn is introverted and a little worried. Australian jade can make people feel happy and happy.
    The tea crystal promotes the development of regeneration capabilities, makes the wound heal faster, improves immunity, activates cells, restores youth, and has the effect of returning to old child. It can help transaction analysis and mastery ability, and improve the taste. Especially absorbing turbid air, the best effect of avoiding evil.
    The black agate can inspire the courage and bring confidence to make people brave; do things that can always be implemented, and be a person to adhere to the principles; it can also strengthen the physical vitality, suitable for wearing fragile and sick, or just recovered.
    This Capricorn’s pioneering, rounding, optimism, and social nature are weak, and pink crystals can make up for these shortcomings.
    Aquarius Aquarius (January 20th to February 19)
    The genius of the protein stone genius must be equipped with a talented crystal, which can make the creativity of the water bottle to the extreme.
    The water bottle that is prone to problems in the green ghost heart circulation system requires the green ghost to strengthen the heart.
    searly, also known as wish stone, has great implementation power to help the wish to achieve and improve interpersonal relationships. Red and green tourmaline also gathered in the development of wealth and rich. It helps blood circulation joint problems is a healthy crystal. It can absorb and eliminate negative energy, enhance human vitality, physical strength, and overall vitality. It is the representative gem of healthy and longevity.
    Blebris, because the water bottle attaches great importance to the improvement of the spiritual level, and the ames and obstetrics can help the water bottle to do this.
    Pisces PISCES (February 20th -March 20)
    The weak Pisces of the Sea Blue Treasure requires the protection of the sea blue treasure, given courage, and can stabilize emotions.
    The pink crystal can develop a gem that promotes emotional developments, which can help pursue love, grasp love, and enjoy love gems. Assist in improving interpersonal relationships, enhanced popularity, and recruiting business, and the best weapon for the service industry to open the door to do business.
    olive Pisces has the problem of neurasthenia. Olives can alleviate nerves and stabilize emotions.
    The amethyst fish are easy to concentrate and insomnia. The amethyst can help people concentrate and give people a good sleep quality. Therefore, for candidates, amethyst is also a must -have instrument.
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