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  1. “Xue Yi” tells us that we can’t do things with three hearts. We must learn to concentrate on their will before we can learn to achieve success. Concentricity is a prerequisite for doing things. Under the same learning conditions, people who concentrate on learning must be better than those who have three hearts. Different learning attitudes determine different learning effects. Learning must be concentrated in order to achieve excellent results.
    The source of “Xue Yi” “Xue Yi” comes from “Mencius”, the original text is as follows: Yi Qiu, the good game of the country. Making Yi Qiuzheng’s two people, one of them concentrated on his ambition, but Yi Qiuzhi listened; although he listened, he thought that there was a Hongye is coming, and he wanted to help the bow and shot. Although they learn from it, Fer Ruo Zhi. It is his Zhiforuo and? Said: No one. Translation: Yi Qiu is the best person in the country. Let Professor Yi Qiu play chess, one of which concentrates on learning and only listens to Yi Qiu’s teaching; although the other is listening to Yiqiu’s teaching, he thinks that there is a geese (or a swan) to fly. Pull the bow and arrow to shoot it down. Although the two of them learned chess together, the latter’s chess skills are not as good as the former. Is it because his intelligence is worse than others? Say: Isn’t that. The article “Xue Yi” uses a comparison writing method, comparing the different learning attitudes of two students and their different learning results, thereby illustrating the important role of learning attitude in learning results. The article “Xue Yi” reveals us that learning should be concentrated and cannot be three hearts.

  2. Green’s fairy tale let us know what Green fairy tale lets us understand. Green’s fairy tale is one of the books that are suitable for children to grow up and healthy. They can reveal children’s correct life attitude and philosophy through the ending of some small stories. Then Green’s fairy tale let us know what the truth, and I will share the relevant content. Green’s fairy tale let us know what 1 Green’s fairy tale reads after reading this book. I know that the fate of “Cinderella” is very bumpy, and her future is happy. I also know some characters, such as: Little Red Hat, Snow White, Prince White Horse … They are some difficult princesses, the young men and women who are bent, and the small people of Dazhi Ruo. Beasts, demons, faint monarchs … Regardless of their flesh and flesh, they are not righteous, and they are sad. Green’s Fairy Tale 2 “Green Fairy Tale” was named by the German Green brothers, and the name was also named after the Green Brothers. In “Green Fairy”, I like “Cinderella” and “Daughter of the Sea” the most. Cinderella is a girl with a very fate. She lost her mother when she was very young, and her father married his wife to make Cinderella has been bullied. However, her kindness and beauty finally got a satisfactory answer. After reading this story, I understand that kindness is the most important thing. In the future life I want to be a kind person. Green’s fairy tale after reading 3 I like this book very much, why? Because there are a lot of people’s truths in it, such as: people must be caring, honesty, kindness, etc. … So I like this book very much! The story in this book is wonderful, because there are many truths and things I don’t understand. I like it very much. I hope that people who read this book like it as I do! After reading this book, I read this book after reading. I am a pity for the prince who was magical by the witch in the frog prince, and was happy to change the prince back to the prince. Little goats are really smart; I feel angry for the viciousness of Cinderella’s stepmother … I can’t feel terrible after reading this book. I moved interesting, fun, innocent … Oh, I like it very much! After reading the Green Fairy Tale, I read a book called “Green Fairy” in the summer vacation. It has a total of 51 stories and 234 pages. Biography, German mythology, etc. The authors of this book are very imaginative. Each story tells us that only honesty and kindness are the manifestation of beauty. The external beauty is not true, and the inner beauty is the most realistic and most practical, and this is the manifestation of beauty. Green Fairy Reading 6 After reading the wonderful first summer vacation story book “Green Fairy Selection”, this is a wonderful story book. Each reading is like taking me into a wonderful fairy tale world. After reading every night, after reading it every night, after reading it every night, I will walk to a small world. A story is like one thing. The content of the book and the picture deeply moved me. In fact, every reading book is like learning the same skills, so everyone should read more books! This is my first book in the summer vacation. I will continue the second book. I will share with you again! The story of Green’s fairy tales 7 “Cinderella” should be known by many people. It also presented to everyone in the form of TV cartoons. The Cinderella in the story, she is smart and brave. Although her stepmother and her two sisters are malicious, embarrassing her, bullying her, and she treats them with a kind heart. It belongs to her own happiness. After reading this story, I understand that the hard -working and kind children will definitely get happiness; the vicious and lazy children will only do nothing. So, we must have a kind heart! After reading this fairy tale story after reading, I was wet. I was deeply shocked by the tragic encounter of the little girl, and at the same time, I hated the evil `capital society. Thinking about living in a beautiful and harmonious society, I should cherish time, study hard, learn more skills, and make my greatest contribution to society in the future, so that this world will no longer have hunger and cold. The story of Green’s fairy tales 9 “Little Red Hat” tells the story of the little red hat and her grandmother Dan Gray Wolf. Fortunately, the hunter was rescued, and the big gray wolf died. The big gray wolf in the story is evil, cruel, hypocritical. Hunter justice, kindness, smart. This story taught us not to believe in others like Little Red Hats easily and blindly. We must be as smart and wit as a hunter. This story compares with the big gray wolf and the hunter, and uses the evil of the big gray wolf to set off the hunter’s justice Green Fairy Reading. 10. The book I like most to read is “Green Fairy”, because it makes me understand a lot. For example, “Frog Prince” made me understand what to promise others, and to be a good child who is honest and trustworthy. “Snow White” made me understand that I couldn’t open the door for strangers and couldn’t eat strangers casually. “Pride Fox” I know that it is not proud to be a man, and pride will only hurt himself. It turns out that a small book can make me know so much. Green’s fairy tales after reading 11 Today, I read a well -known book- “Green Fairy”. There are many beautiful stories in Green’s fairy tales, the kind Princess White Snow, the beautiful Cinderella, the young and brave prince … In this book, I like the story of the seven lambs and wolves the most. The mother went to the forest, and the wolves came twice, but they were broken by the lambs, but the third wolf ate all the six lambs, leaving only one lamb. He and his mother rescued the six lambs, and got the sheep to death with a stone. This story tells us that people must be smart. During the 12 holidays of Green’s fairy tales, I read “Green Fairy”. The book tells a lot of meaningful stories. I like to read it very much. My favorite article is “Cat’s Intelligent”. The story tells that a cat and a fox live in the forest. One Tmall saw the fox, the kitten respectfully respected the fox, and the fox was very angry. It had to compare with the cat. Although there are more than a hundred types of skills in the fox, they were defeated in the hands of four dogs, and the cat won through their own climbing of the tree! This story tells us that we must be humble, and don’t be proud of a little grade! After reading “Green Fairy” after reading “Green’s Fairy Tale” after reading, I also know many fairy tales, such as “Gambling Ghost Hans”, “Thumb Travel”, “Stupid Bold Learning” and so on. I also know that this book is a legend found from the German Green brothers from the people. In the end, they integrated them. Therefore, Green’s fairy tale was born. Don’t think this was written by the Green Brothers! The story in this book is vivid and touching. This is really a good book! Green’s fairy tale after reading 14 I read a story of “Wolf and Man” today. It tells: a fox told the wolf to tell people very harmful. No animal is a human opponent. But the wolf did not believe and bragged, “If I met someone, I would definitely rush up.” In the end, when the wolf really met a hunter, the hunter’s head broke his blood and shattered his bones. This is a fairy tale about people’s status and strength. And also let me know that in the future study, I must be honest, seriously becoming a honest child, not just bragging like a wolf. The story of Green’s fairy tale 15 “Snow White” tells the story of the new queen jealous of Princess Bai Xue and wants to kill Princess Bai Xue, but was awakened by the prince, and Princess Bai Xue and the prince lived a happy life. The new queen in the story is evil, fierce, hypocritical, Princess Bai Xue kind, gentle. This story taught us to harm people, and to prevent people’s hearts. This story uses people’s common jealousy, telling us not to be jealous of others. Because the consequences of people are jealous. Green fairy tales let us know what 2 Green Fairy reads after reading 1 I read a book called “Green Fairy”. The story of Green’s fairy tales is colorful. Every time I have time, I picked up Green’s fairy tales and read it. At night, I picked up Green’s fairy tales and went to my room to read the Qinjin tasteless mother told me to sleep. However, she didn’t find that I secretly looked at it. After letting, I slowly fell asleep. My favorite is the title of an article and the story of “Wolf and Seven Lambs”. It is the story of a god who came to two households. He first came to the rich house. The rich said that the family was full of vegetables and food, and could not blend God, and rejected God thousands of miles away. Later, God came to the poor’s house again. The poor invited God to the house with politely. He also took out the delicious things with God, and God gave the poor to the rich and rich. The rich knew that God gave the poor so many prosperous and rich. He began to jealous and wanted to get these wealth. The rich began to think of ways, and in exchange for only pain and torture. He finally had nothing but to worry, pain, curse, and loss of everything. The poor couple lived a happy and quiet life. This story has made me realize that being a person, not delicious laziness, and not greedy and enrichment. No matter what kind of person you encounter and what you do, you must first think carefully, and the results you make will satisfy and recognize everyone, and you cannot blindly determine the result of one thing. The story of the story “Wolf and Seven Lambs” mainly wrote a wolf to knock on the door. As soon as the goat listened to the rough voice of the big gray wolf, the wolf was painted on the feet with white flour for the second time. His voice, the small goat door is waiting for the mother, waiting for the anxiety. When they saw the white. The feet thought it was really the mother returned, and immediately opened the door. The wolf ate all six of them. I hid, and my mother was gone when she returned home. Later, I looked for it. Finally, I found Xiao Qi. Xiaosa told her that they were all eaten by the big gray wolf. Save everyone on the mountain. This story tells us that we must concentrate on thinking carefully and not to believe others blindly. I like the book “Green Fairy”. He brought me happiness, and brought me rich fairy tale knowledge. The story of “Fisherman and his wife” tells us that people cannot be greedy no matter when they are, otherwise they will become nothing; the story of “Frog Prince” tells me to be honest and trustworthy; the story of “Little Red Hat” makes me Seeing people is good and good, evil is bad, or be good; the story of “Snow White” tells me that human beings cannot have jealousy … The story in “Green Fairy” is so exciting, I especially like it Essence Green Fairy Tale 2 “Green Fairy Tale” is the work of the Green brothers in Germany. I like this work very much, and I can almost memorize it. The story in “Green Fairy” is rich and colorful. The story such as Princess Bai Xue, Cinderella, etc. The most favorite story is in the “Dwarf’s Gift” that a tailor and a goldenmith came to the dwarf to live. The dwarf called them to install coal. But the next day, the coal turned into gold. Because the Golden Artists were greedy for the greedy decision to live for another day, the tailor did not think so, but in order not to sweep the companion’s Xing also lived. At night Then loaded coal, but greedy was always punished by punishing all his gold and turned into coal. This story tells us that we want to be honest and trustworthy. We are respected by descendants, but we are always learning from the quality of the upright height. As students, we are in accordance with the rules of school discipline and school; the students are supervised strictly and self -discipline, and actively develop good life and study habits. This summer, I read a particularly considerate book called “Green Fairy”. It was collected from the folk story circulating from the German population from the German population. When I first read this book, the story vividly described them: Chu Chu’s touching Snow White; smart little red hat; sleeping beauty in the country; beauty as immortal; greedy fisherman and wife. It is all intriguing and makes people feel endless. Later, I read this book carefully, so that I knew many of the meaning of many meaning, such as: The story of “Greedy Fisheries” made me understand: Don’t be too greedy to be a man. If you are too greedy, you will not end well. Another example: The story of “Snow White” tells us: the fierce and vicious people do not end after all, and justice and kind people will always have good retribution. In this “Green Fairy”, my favorite person is Princess Bai Xue and Cinderella. Why? Because they are not only beautiful in appearance, but they are also beautiful. They always follow the orders of the stepmother unconditionally, and there are no resistance, although the stepmother is torturing them, the same is true. In the end, their kindness finally received a return. The book is our most loyal servant; the book is our most honest friend; the book is the landscape of knowledge. Let’s read more books, read a good book, and travel together to travel together! Green Fairy Reading 4 “Green Fairy” is a book I like very much. Every story in it is so memorable. The most touched story in “Green Fairy” is “Cinderella”. I want to share with you my feelings. The plot is probably like this: a rich wife was seriously ill and died. The rich daughter cried in front of her mother’s grave every day, but she was very filial. On the snowy day, she was afraid of her mother’s cold and wore a blanket on the mother’s grave. When the spring breeze blew, she wore green leaves on her mother’s grave. Later, his father married another woman. This woman has two daughters. The stepmother and her two daughters often bully her and asked her to live in the attic, but she had no complaints. The stepmother asked her to clean it every day. Later, because she was full of gray every day, everyone called her Cinderella. On one occasion, the prince invited Cinderella and his stepmother’s daughter to attend the ball, but the stepmother did not let Cinderella go, and tore her invitation. At this time, the fairy appeared, and she also asked Cinderella to put on crystal shoes to attend the ball, and she also dressed her. The prince only danced with Cinderella that night. Other princesses wanted to dance with the prince. The prince always said, “I’m dancing with the princess.” At 12 o’clock in midnight, Cinderella was leaving, and she dropped a crystal shoes before leaving. In the end, the prince found Cinderella leaned against this crystal shoes. The two were happy together. Cinderella never greedes gold and silver wealth treasure. His father wants to go out and ask the daughter what the daughters want. The stepmother’s daughters want the necklace or something, and the Cinderella as long as the branches of the father’s hat. Cinderella’s understanding … It is not good to say. I love to watch “Green Fairy”, and I love to watch “Cinderella” in it. More importantly, it teaches me to have a kind heart, know tolerance, and not greedy. Not just Cinderella, every story in “Green Fairy” will give us a lot of inspiration. I hope that students can go to the book to find the answer. Green’s Fairy Terrier 5 I recently read the book “Green Fairy”. This book tells a lot of fairy tales. Looking at this book, I feel like I wandering in a fairy tale world. The author’s imagination is really rich. My favorite story is “cat wearing boots”. The story is a mill owner. He has three sons, and a mill, a donkey, and a cat. After a period of time, the grinders died, the boss inherited the mill, the second child inherited the donkey, and the third child inherited a cat. The third child was very sad. He thought, what a cat can do, I might as well kill it and make a glove. The cat suddenly opened his mouth and said, “If you give me a pair of boots, you will get my help.” The third time he helped the cat ordered a pair of boots. The cat wearing a boot uses his wisdom to catch the king’s quail for the king. The cat uses wisdom to make the magician a mouse, eat the magician, and help the third wheat field. In the end, even the king’s daughter married After him, the owner of the cat became the king, and the cat became the world’s largest minister. After reading this story, I think this cat is so clever! It uses its own wisdom not only to save itself, but also brings the owner’s lifeless life. Therefore, people must have wisdom and use wisdom to let themselves live their desired life.

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