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  1. When it comes to jewelry design, most people think of the fashion capital -Paris, France. In fact, many countries have world -renowned jewelry design schools. Below is a foreign jewelry design school compiled by Meixing Siyuan.


  2. The tuition for studying in the UK is 8,000 pounds to £ 10,000 per year. British art colleges have high basic requirements for students. Generally, IELTS scores are above 6.5 points, and the average bachelor's degree in undergraduate reaches more than 80 points.
    In Britain, cultivating art talents occupy an important position in British higher education. There are many excellent institutions in the UK that provide a variety of art and design courses. No matter what your existing level, you can always find a course that suits you.
    The British art design courses are divided into three categories: vocational courses, undergraduate courses and graduate courses. You can start learning to choose different types of colleges at your own level.
    Pucting information
    This to adjust your learning method. Education methods at home and abroad are very different from domestic. Different from Chinese duck -type testing education, foreign respect for open education is very different in teaching methods, and children may be difficult to adapt in the short term.
    Furthermore, the assessment of foreign academic performance is no longer simply based on the disciplinary scores, but to measure the ability performance of comprehensive evaluation. Therefore, before going abroad, students should learn more about education differences and prepare psychological preparations, so that when studying abroad, they will reduce the adaptation period and quickly enter the learning state.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia — Art Study Abroad

  3. Study abroad to go to different countries. There will be a large gap in different cities, and the higher the school ranking, the more expensive the tuition is. For example, when you go to the United States, the cost is about 350,000 to 500,000 a year. The choice of studying in the jewelry design industry is definitely much higher than the consumption level of other cities. All costs in London in London are almost about 30-35,000. Generally, about 25-300,000 cities. Graduate students, the same school, will be about 50,000 yuan more than undergraduate. The engineering majors will be more than 440,000 yuan more expensive than the business management majors.
    It, it is recommended to choose from France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States and other fashion industries such as the jewelry design.

  4. The Royal Academy of Arts
    The jewelry design positioning of the Royal Academy of Art is no longer simply decorative jewelry, but to a wider range. Regulate and question the practice of humanities and social phenomena. The Royal Academy of Art emphasizes that as a discipline of application art, jewelry design needs to have a strong professional ability, and at the same time attach importance to the changes brought about by scientific and technological development brought about by the rapid social development, and the richness found from life in life can be found in life. Various materials and resources express their own personality.
    The tuition situation:
    2016-2017 Jewelry design Graduate tuition: 28400 euros/person/year
    Central San Martin Art and Design College
    The design majors have set up undergraduate and graduate courses. Graduate courses are completed in the environment of students' own personal projects. In an environment of stimulation, support, creativity and collaboration, choose to explore and develop according to personal channels. Graduate courses will last 60 weeks in two school years, with a total of 180 credits in all courses. The first semester is the first 20 weeks of the first school year, accounting for 60 credits; the second semester is 10 weeks after the first year and the entire second school year. Week, 120 credits.
    The tuition situation:
    2017/18 Jewelry design postgraduate tuition fee: £ 17,920/year
    , Birmingham City University has a jewelry college (). The majors set up in the college are linked to jewelry. The scope covers are design, marketing, jewelry identification, and so on. As the core majors in Jewelry education in Birmingham, the school provides the most professional knowledge and facilities, and cultivates how students become qualified jewelry designers.
    The tuition:
    The non -EU student jewelry design postgraduate tuition fee is 12,000 pounds/year, about 105,000 yuan

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