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  1. Speaking of Buddhist bead bracelets, I believe many people know, and it is estimated that many people also have such a bunch of light -open Buddha bead bracelets. Let’s share the whole process of the production of Buddhist bead bracelets, and some places that need to pay attention to. The Buddhist bracelet, as a decoration wearing on the wrist, is sought after by young people who are most fashionable. Moreover, some elderly people are used by a large number of people for health care and showing their attitude. They are often the most popular sandalwood Buddha beads or Bodhisattva beads with many years of history. In fact, the Buddha bracelet can also be made by itself. The processing process of Buddhist beads:
    . Sandalwood blocks ranging from 4 to 30 mm in the edge of the raw material. The size is required to choose with the size of the person’s favorite.
    . Tool sandpaper from large to small numbers; one or 2 drills.
    . Step 1. If a large piece of sandalwood wood is used instead of cutting wooden blocks that have been cut, then you need to cut the sandalwood materials by yourself. According to the size of the beads you expected, the wood is cut into a square of the same size. 2. Remove the edges and corners that have been cut, so that they are close to the spherical shape as much as possible. 3. This step may be a bit difficult, and it needs to be operated meticulous and patiently. After making beads, what needs to be done is the holes that are used for threading after drilling on the spherical shape. The size of this hole is also determined according to the size of the bead itself. For example, if the diameter of the bead is 1.4mm, then the middle hole is almost 1mm. It should be noted that the holes of this drill must be drilled, and the guarantee should be as straight as possible, do not skew. 4. This step needs to be used for electric diamonds. Put the small ball on the drill and keep the small ball fixed on it as much as possible. Then turn on the electric drill, and then use the sandpaper to make the small ball for the first preliminary plastic surgery. After the plastic surgery of the small ball is finished, the other side is changed. 5. The last step is to process the small ball finely. This step needs to be used for fine sandpaper for fine polishing. This step has a direct relationship with the last product of the Buddha’s processing. Therefore, it is recommended to spend more time and carefully perform polishing and beautification.
    . As for the light of the Buddha beads, you need to ask some professionals to do it. If you want to experience it, you can also search for some scriptures and the like on the Internet. Experience it!
    Strophica: When opening or using the instrument, pay attention not to hurt yourself.

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