2 thoughts on “What are the big gold jewelry stores in Taiyuan? Where is each place?

  1. 1. Hongyi Jewelry. The old name, I listened to Hongyi's advertisement when I was a kid, telephone 0351-5628883 Address: No. 115, Taiyuan Xinzhuang Road /their company website

    2, Galaxy Gold Store. It is also the old name. Call 4042314

    3, May 1 Gold Store next to the Yingdu of May 1st Plaza. On the north side of May 1st Plaza, 4033888

    The brand jewelry counters on the first floor of major shopping malls, Beijing Yansha, Wangfujing Department Store, Meiyuan Parkson, Guidu Department Store, Maoye Department Store, Causeway Bay, Royal Garden, Huayu International.

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