Which jewelry shops in Taiyuan are more famous?

Where do you usually go to buy jewelry? shopping mall? monopoly? Where are the differences?

5 thoughts on “Which jewelry shops in Taiyuan are more famous?”

  1. Hongyi jewelry is good, the font size is older, and the price is fair
    u003Cbr> The gold price of Yuyuan Gold Store is relatively cheap, and it can also be
    u003Cbr> Gold jewelry, good cost performance

    I I suggest buying in professional gold shops or jewelry shops, and it is large. Although there is a statement of bullying customers, even if you buy jewelry golden jade, you need to go to a professional place.

  2. May 1st Gold Store, the old temple gold in the mall, Zhou Shengsheng, Zhou Dafu, etc., the quality of the big brand, the style is very good, the jade wares will liberate the Zhenyufang on the South Road. It is the only jade jewelry store produced in Taiyuan All the jade wares and I of my family were bought there, the quality is very good, and the quality of jade is also very good.

  3. My friends and I bought them in some well -known brand stores in the country. For example, Liufu Jewelery. Ryan Diamond Jewelry. Chow Tai Fook Kimberley, etc. Their style of jewelry was delicate and unique. The workmanship was also very detailed.

  4. If you buy ordinary decorative jewelry, you can go to large shopping malls. If you want to buy better purity, you can go to specialty stores, such as Wuyi Gold Store, Hongyi Jewelry, Galaxy Golden Store, etc.

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