4 thoughts on “Lightweight sweater denim shorts, simple and cute, showing the celebrity fairy fan, what do you think?”

  1. Lightweight sweater denim shorts, simple and cute, showing the celebrity fairy fan. I think wearing this is very feminine. On the street shooting pictures, the beauty on the upper body wore a very thin knit sweater, which faintly showed a semi -transparent sexy, and paired with a short denim hot pants. This way of dressing is really simple and atmospheric Cute again! I think this kind of dress is very fashionable and should be liked by most people! The temperament of this beauty belongs to the type of lady in a particularly ladylike at a glance, so she chose this dress is also a ladylike lady. The fabric selected by this translucent light -skinned sweater selected by the upper body is a very soft Mahai Mao. Although the sweater hipped out of this fabric looks very thin, the warmth effect is completely fine.
    This feeling faintly shows the beauty curve of the beauty, so that the scrub is generally translucent and sexy! The call came out, and I still hugged the pipa half -covered! That kind of small sexy is really very grateful! Moreover, the furry feeling of Malai Mao fabrics can wear the breath to add innocent girls, which will make the whole person look like a cute plush toy. This knitted jacket is a mixed color between goose yellow and white. This color is really too good with the temperament of the beauty! The gentle and white tender yellow lined beauty skin tone shiny skin, and the eggs that want to peel the skin can usually be broken! Coupled with the furry fog surface of Mahai, this dress combines sexy, cute, ladylike, elegance as one!

    This pictures on the street shooting pictures of this beauty chose a pair of industrial gray jeans. The tough industrial ash added a little capable to this dress! And gray is a very fashionable color. It will make people feel particularly high -level, and fashionables are one of the favorite colors! This denim shorts are relatively common high -waisted A -line models. This version of pants is very suitable for the fat beauty with a fat lower body!

    Because of the high waist style, it can assist in converging the waist lines, and can hold the beautiful women's small waist more! And let alone the A -line version, which fat sister can refuse the big A -line installation? This kind of A -line version can basically cover all the defects of the lower body. Whether it is thick in the lower body or the thigh fat enough, even the X -shaped legs only need a A -line skirt to perfectly get it! Like this shows a comprehensive figure, the ladies who highlight the temperament can be said to be what every fashion beauty should not miss!

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