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  1. According to reports, the global gold ore output in 2019 was 3,463.7 tons, a decrease of 1%over the previous year. This is the first time that the output has decreased year -on -year since 2008. The following is more detailed information of the 10 countries with the largest gold production in 2019. First of all, the largest producer and largest consumer country in gold. All data comes from the World Gold Association.

    1. China - 383.2 tons

    Over the years, China has been the largest producer, accounting for 11%of global ore output. However, output decreased from nearly 400 tons last year, a third consecutive year. The decline trend is mainly due to the government's stricter environmental policies. For example, the use of cyanide cyanide is more stringent control and forced some enterprises to reduce production.

    2. Russia -329.5 tons

    83% of European gold has been from Russia. Since 2010, Russia's output has increased every year. Russia's leading Australia became the world's second largest producer, the mining volume in 2019 increased by 50 tons compared with the previous year. Russia is the largest buyer of Russia's gold, and the Russian government purchases about two -thirds of all gold produced in the local area.

    3. Australia -325.1 tons

    The Australian Australia has achieved production growth for seven consecutive years, an increase of 4%in 2019. The mineral industry accounts for more than half of Australia's total exports, accounting for about 8%of GDP. The increase in the output of several mines and the increase in the increase in projects such as JP Morgan and Cardia Valley promoted the increase in yield.

    4. The United States -200.2 tons

    The US gold output fell 11%in 2019, ending for five consecutive years. Twelve states produced these gold, worth about 8.9 billion US dollars, accounting for 6.1%of the global total. About 78% of gold produced in the United States came from Nevada. If the state is regarded as a country, it will rank sixth on this list, and the mining volume in 2019 is 173.6 tons.

    5. Canada -182.9 ton

    Although the output in 2019 has decreased slightly, Canada has ranked fifth for three consecutive years. New projects in Nona Vat, Yukong area and Quebec are expected to support more powerful output in 2020. It is estimated that the production of gold ore in Canada will increase from 2019 to 2023 to a annual growth rate of 2.7%to 7.6 million ounces.

    6. Peru - 143.3 tons

    The gold production of Peru fell for the fourth consecutive year. Gold mine.

    7. Ghana - 142.4 tons

    Ghana is the largest golden producer in Africa. In 2019, defeating South Africa became the top chair. famous. Industry giants such as AngLogold Ashanti and Gold Fields have shifted their attention from South Africa to Ghana, where the mine is cheaper and easier to minimize. This West African country has about 1,000 metric tons of gold reserves, from 10th to 7th last year.

    8. South Africa -118.2 tons

    Thenan South Africa was the largest golden producer in the world, but since 2008, it has slowed down every year, but production has increased in 2013, but in 2013, production has increased in 2013, but the production in 2013 has increased. How many tons. The country is working hard to deal with rising power and labor costs, and many mines are closed because they are unprofitable. However, South Africa is still the place in the world's deepest gold ore MPONENG Mine, and it extends 2.5 miles underground.

    9. Mexico - 111.4 tons

    The fourth year of production declined, Mexico is still a competitive source of gold. The production increased from 50.8 tons in 2008 to more than 130 tons in 2017, the largest increase in nine years. Due to the relatively low cost of supervision, Mexico is an attractive mining place. The slowdown in 2019 is attributed to disputes between local communities and contractors.

    10. Brazil -106.9 tons

    Brazil's gold output is 10 tons more than the previous year, ranking 10th in the list. The illegal mining activities of Amazon Tropical Rainforest Center have increased sharply over the past five years. President Jair Bolsonaro has promoted the country's economy to develop Amazon and develop its mineral resources.

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