Does the 70th anniversary celebration of China Life "Guoshouxin Yumantang Annual Insurance (dividend type)" buy it? Is that fraud?

Does the 70th anniversary celebration of China Life "Guoshouxin Yumantang Annual Insurance (dividend type)" buy it? Is it higher than the bank's income? Will it be deceiving?

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  1. Guoshouxin Yumantang annuity insurance (dividend) benefits are better among customers. Its insurance scope is relatively comprehensive, and the five contents of the insurance benefits of the body of the body, the insurance of the body insurance, the caring, the annuity, and the special survival gold are harmed.
    If the first annual effective date after the annuity beneficiaries proposed, if the insured survives the annual effective date of this contract, the annual effective date of the insurance company will be based on the value of the contract at that time. 5%payment of annuity.
    Guo Shouxin Yumantang annuity insurance (dividend type) product advantages as follows:
    1, return faster: Caring for gold receipt and receipt of one -time returns all have paid premiums. It can be achieved for 20 years to receive the contract for the contract (10-year payment, the age of insured is 0-40 years old, and the love gold can be selected at the earliest age to choose 60 years old).
    2. High received: Special Survival Payment is up to the first annual premium, and the annual payment of up to 30%of the annual payment is up to 30%.
    3, dual return: the first return book is to receive the love gold; the second return book is to receive the accident from the date of Caring for gold, and the premium has been paid again.
    4. Receive the more flexible: up to 6 kinds of care funds to receive age to choose from. Customers can flexibly choose the time point for the return of the book according to their own pension funds.
    5. Strong account: The three universal accounts that are matched include Guoshouxin Zunbao Lifetime Life Insurance (Universal) (celebration version): 2.5%of the guarantee rate, 5.3%of the expected settlement rate, and the first annual premium of the binding conditions ≥ 100,000 yuan.
    Guo Shouxin Zunbao Lifetime Life Insurance (Universal type) (A version): The interest rate of 2.5%, the expected settlement interest rate is 5.0%, and the first annual premium of the binding conditions is ≥ 10,000 yuan. Xinzunbao Pension (Universal) (Universal) (C version): Based interest rate is 2.5%, expected to settle interest rates 4.0%, and binding conditions are u003C10,000 yuan.

  2. The 70th anniversary of China Life's celebration product "Guoshouxin Yumantang Annual Insurance (Dividend)" is true.
    is just a deeper insurance routine,
    The interest rate is a little higher than the bank's current deposit interest rate.

  3. Xueba said insurance, focus on insurance evaluation! The comparison table of 35 division of red insurance and 101 hot -selling critical illness insurance products Here is "35 Red Insurance and 101 mainstream critical illness insurance", which is given to friends who know the answer.

    The insurance to buy insurance in a sloppy state. The dividend insurance is one of them. The reason is because I have not really understood the following. R n
    The dividend insurance refers to the investment in the insurance company using some customers' premiums. After deducting the deduction of the investment, the financial insurance products allocated to the policy holder have enjoyed the guarantee function in the insurance policy, but also the guarantee function, but also Enjoy dividends with the insurance policy.

    Id, for customers, dividend insurance has not only guaranteed function, but also has investment functions. Since the launch, it has attracted everyone's attention. Is the dividend insurance really so good? In fact, the guarantee function of dividend insurance is weak, and the income is not satisfactory.

    The main thing is that you have not noticed the two characteristics of dividend insurance:

    The first, the dividend implementation rate is very low, or even the dividend.

    The second, the dividend capital pool is opaque.

    The because of the two characteristics of dividend insurance, it is difficult to predict the benefits of dividend insurance. Because of this, the dividend insurance has become a more insurance complaint in consumer complaints. The reasons are in this article. "Why is the dividend insurance frequently complained? Intersection 》, If you are interested, you can find out.

    The benefits and dividend methods of dividend insurance are extremely complicated. Even insurance practitioners are difficult to do, so as Xiaobai you, don't challenge such a high difficulty!

    The above is my answer to the "Guoshouxin Yumantang annuity insurance (dividend type)" of the "China Life 70th Anniversary Celebration Product? Is it all to deceive?"

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