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  1. China Life Insurance is a commercial insurance, and the pension insurance for commercial insurance generally refers to the annual financial insurance.
    Is for the insurance of China Life Insurance Company, please poke here to learn about "How about China Life Insurance Insurance?" What are the products worth insured? "
    The annuity insurance of China Life Insurance Company:
    Guo Shouxin Yumantang annuity insurance (dividend type)
    Shoufu Lulu Manchitang Pension Gold Insurance (dividend type) (Youxiang Edition)
    Guo Shouxin Xiangfu Pension Gold Insurance (dividend type) (A paragraph)
    National Shouxin Xiangjin Yinyin Insurance (B)
    It want to choose a suitable commercial pension insurance, you may consider it from these aspects:
    1. Early planning
    The pension insurance is early planning and early beneficiaries. When buying pension insurance when economic income, you can basically start receiving pensions when reaching the retirement age.
    2. Choose a safe and stable product
    The pension insurance as the guarantee of pension, be sure to pay attention to its safety and stability, because pension insurance must accompany the entire old age. If it is not safe and reliable, it will be It has a great impact on our elderly life.
    3, the income does not have to be too high
    We we need to know that the income must be accompanied by risks. The higher the income, the greater the risk. It is also necessary to bear huge economic risks, so there is really no need to buy the kind of pension insurance, which is known as ultra -high -profile.
    4. Pay attention to the characteristics of poor liquidity of endowment insurance
    We need to know that the money deposited in endowment insurance cannot be moved at will, so when buying the money of pension insurance, we must plan the various uses of funds to plan the various uses of funds. , So that the embarrassing situation of the money in the pension insurance in the end of the pension insurance will not be available at that time.

  2. China Life Insurance Company is Fulu Manchurian Pension Gold Insurance, Fulu Jinzun two insurances, and Fuluxinzun two insurance types.

    countries generally improve rural cooperative medical care and new rural pensions. If they plan to supplement commercial insurance, they must also combine their parents' physical conditions and family economic conditions to plan, and do everything! Intersection After all, the problem of the elderly to buy insurance is compared to young people: the same insurance premiums are more expensive, and the physical examination is required. Before buying insurance for the elders, consider whether we already have sufficient guarantees, because we are young, we are the economic pillar of the family, and it is also the most important guarantee target. In addition, when you buy insurance when you are young, you can use time to appreciate, accumulate wealth, and at the same time can truly reflect the role of family protective umbrella.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAt present, the Chinese Life Insurance Pension Insurance only saw "National Life Personal Tax Defending Pension Gold Insurance" on the official website. The insurance guarantee period is for life or long -term. National Life Personal Tax Defending Pension Numerous Insurance includes three insurance liabilities including pension gold, dying insurance, and body full -time insurance.nIs the three farmers insurance be Life?nAnswernThree -rural insurance refers to the critical period of building a new socialist countryside in my country, so that my country's insurance industry can better serve the "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas, and mainly develop agricultural insurance, county insurance, and new rural cooperative medical insurance.nQuestions, ask Jianyang Sannong Insurance AddressnAnswer to the southwest side of Shawu City, Zhang Sanfeng Avenue, Shawu City, Shawu City, Nanping City, about 210 meters southwest siden1. Hello, if your problem has been solved, you can click "Ending the Service" in the upper right corner. 2. Please give "like" and "follow"  can get 1 consultation voucher. 3. After paying attention, you can consult me ​​again.n5 morenBleak

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